New Generation Heroes

  • Ultraman Ginga

    Ultraman Ginga is said to be an Ultraman from the future.
    He has various skills, and by performing different skills the crystals around his body will change to different colors.
    By fusing with Ultraman Victory, they can transform into Ultraman Gingavictory.

  • Ultraman Victory

    Ultraman Victory is the guardian of Victorium, a mineral that lies underground.
    He possesses a special ability named “Ultrans” that allows him to use the power of monsters with his right arm.

  • Ultraman X

    Ultraman X is a hero who maintains the order of the universe.
    By loading different Cyber Cards, he is able to equip various Cyber Armors.

  • Ultraman Orb

    Ultraman Orb is a vagabond who keeps the peace of the universe while wandering.
    He can transform to different forms by borrowing the power of predecessor Ultras.

  • Ultraman Geed

    Although he inherited the genes of Ultraman Belial, Ultraman Geed is an Ultraman with a heart of justice.
    By scanning two different Ultra Capsules, he can transform into different forms each with distinct abilities.

  • Ultraman Rosso

    Ultraman Rosso fights with 4 elements - Flame, Aqua, Wind and Ground. His basic form is Flame.
    He is the elder brother of Ultraman Blu, and they usually fight together.
    By fusing with Ultraman Blu, they can transform into Ultraman Ruebe.

  • Ultraman Blu

    Ultraman Blu fights with 4 elements - Flame, Aqua, Wind and Ground.
    His basic form is Aqua.
    He is the younger brother of Ultraman Rosso, and is good at mid to close combat.

  • Ultrawoman Grigio

    Ultrawoman Grigio is the younger sister of Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, and she is skilled in defense and healing techniques.
    When the 3 siblings fuse together, they will become the powerful Ultraman Gruebe.

  • Ultraman Zero

    Ultraman Zero is the son of Ultraseven.
    He has the ability to travel beyond space and time, and has supported the New Generation Heroes in different universes.

  • Ultraman Ribut

    Ultraman Ribut is a member of the “Galaxy Rescue Force”, an organization that saves and protects the lives throughout the universe.
    He has a shield-like item called “Ribut Blocker” on his left arm.

  • Ultraman Taro

    Ultraman Taro is a member of the 6 Ultra Brothers, and serves as the leading instructor of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.